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Our Predictive Services Group provides a proactive approach to machinery maintenance. Early detection of machinery faults allow downtime to be scheduled and catastrophic breakdowns avoided. Predictive maintenance is the most cost-effective method of maintaining critical machinery.

Our customized Predictive Maintenance Programs include regularly scheduled site visits to perform visual inspections and vibration data collection. Each visit includes detailed vibration analysis and a clear Machine Assessment Report with recommendations to improve machinery operating conditions. We can detect early bearing faults, unbalance, misalignment, mounting issues, resonance conditions, gear problems, motor electrical issues, and more. Vibration analysis is ideally suited for the assessment of fans, blowers, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, motors, and other types of rotating machinery.

We offer dynamic balancing and laser alignment of rotating equipment, both on-site and in-house. We also conduct fan system performance testing and provide a report of actual cubic feet per minute (CFM) and pressure under site operating conditions. Other technologies we utilize include infrared scanning, ultrasonic detection, and motor winding analysis. All market sectors can benefit from our predictive service offerings.

Trade-Mark has invested in the latest hardware, software, and training. Our well-equipped mobile service technicians are always on the lookout for the next potential breakdown. The Predictive Services Group works together with other trade groups within Trade-Mark including the electric motor shop, electrical, piping, millwrighting, sheet metal, and HVAC. We provide early fault detection, as well as on-site and in-house repair solutions.

  • Customized predictive maintenance programs
  • On-site vibration analysis & diagnostics
  • On-site & in-house dynamic balancing
  • Laser alignment of couplings
  • Fan system performance testing
  • Infrared scanning
  • Ultrasonic detection
  • Rotating equipment repair
  • Servo, spindle, electronic repairs
  • Electric motor, pump, gear reducer sales & service
  • Custom in-house machine shop services
  • Multi-trade services
Industries Served

Any and every type of company that wants to maximize machinery life and minimize downtime!

The Trade-Mark Difference

Since 1998, Trade-Mark Industrial Inc. has been a multi-trade contractor. We have the resources and capabilities to provide services across Ontario, Canada, and the United States. We are committed to conducting business using an honest, professional and competitive approach without compromising safety, schedules, or our high quality standards on every project.

Service Areas

Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Trade-Mark provides predictive services across Canada, Southwestern Ontario including Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, London, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.


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